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YouTuber's most popular events that "cat videos" and can enjoy on the big screen pet also appeared

YouTuber's most popular events that "cat videos" and can enjoy on the big screen pet also appeared

26 July 2017 | 9:30 pm

Large HD screen the cat videos 2 hours plenty can enjoy in “Cat Videos Live!” As the event is called a hot topic among the favorite the United States of cats. In such as You Tube popular animal videos, in addition to being born “Pet Star” to churn out a huge amount, already a similar event is also attracting 15,000 people. In 2016 cat-related products and services has raised sales of 668 billion dollars precisely because but the United States, “Cat Videos Live as a new pet-related business I expected to be in! “is applied. US pet market, which has grown to more than 3 times in 20 years According to the report of CNBC, “Cat Videos Live!” To hosting a US entertainment company Knitting Factory Entertainment events department, Knitting Factory Presents . So far have been worked around the events of music and art, took Mark Dina stain president “pet-related business, especially cat video is the next big business” and the expectations of the original, the new area I heard that. Dina stain president of expectations, does not mean that never pointless. From the investigation of the APPA, it has been found that the United States of the pet industry has been expanding year by year. In 1994 it was 17 billion US dollars market is 344 billion dollars of 2 times in 2004, 58 billion US dollars more than three times in 2014 . Annual sales of 2017 are estimated at 694 billion dollars . If you look at the details of the estimates, although the pet food and hospital bills account for the majority, in the “other services”, such as the event sales 61 billion dollars is expected also. The was held in St. Paul, Minn. “Internet Cat Video Festival 2016” is the audience that more than 1 million people, since referred to as the “Cat-Con LA” in Los Angeles gathered 15,000 people, “Cat Videos Live! success to the expectations of “take the would also be of course. Starring movie, autobiography, such as CM appearances, human shame of cat stars’ Dina stain president Uri of “Cat Videos Live!”, And appeal that it is “moving image that has not been uploaded to the net until now.” The event itself, but also embrace the expectations of the “role of the social field that cats like to gather.” Event tour starting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October, to be held in Chicago and Detroit decision. It aims to events held in 70 cities in North America over the next few years. The ticket cost of one 30 US dollars , comedian based in New York, from say is also included Carla Rose’s show, become quite profitable price range for the cat lovers I wonder. From the world of the net have appeared one after another Star pet. In recent years as the popular cat, in addition to rocked the nation in You Tube “grumpy cat ” has managed to deal with the familiar Furisuki in cat food, referred to as “the worst Christmas of grumpy cat” It plays up to starring in the film. Lil Bub, known for “eternal kitten face” also bears featured in the “Animal Planet”, because autobiography also referred to as have been published, it is the human star to shame. [Recommended article of the editorial department] – the concept of “financial statements of the individual”! A method of increasing the height of the B / S? – “Merukari listing” and Nikkei news report, market capitalization of 100 billion yen more than the Unicorn companies · Skin care is a weapon! ? Five Benefits of the business – 1 million yen at 790,000 yen lucrative? The “ultimate” asset surgery operation · Stock beginner Where are opening an account? Net securities ranking

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