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You want to look always at TED "name video about money" 8 election

You want to look always at TED "name video about money" 8 election

19 August 2017 | 3:00 am

The best season to summer vacation to read the money book. The stock market often becomes a summer slump less participants, it is the best timing to theory armed. People you are reading this in doublet the digital distribution this at the destination would also be many. Here is advice a step further digitized, titled “View name presentation video”, not only to the study of the financial market, also becomes the study of English, let’s introduce a video taste also impressed. It is full of name presentation of the person at the forefront in the TED Have you ever used the TED talk? TED is a NPO corporation in New York to hold a lecture the people at the forefront of various fields as a speaker. Archive of the presentation of more than 2500 at the site of the “TED talk ” can be seen for free. Of course, also available on tablet and smartphone apps. Even if there is no self-confidence Do not worry English. There are a lot of things that Japanese subtitles with. If you look for the presentation of the financial relationship, do you find and enter such as “money”, “economics”, “investment” in the keyword. That there is a popular “Most viewed”, the latest of those can be sorted by “Newest”. If only the search that there is a Japanese subtitles, do you specify the language to Japanese. Since there is also a video of no Japanese subtitles, grasp the atmosphere of the original presentation look first in English, the recommended way of seeing with captions later. 8 name lecture of you want to see without fail “Why we should review the capitalism” Poru Tudor Jones II Of the financial world legend presentation it has become a great era Nante hear for free. Paul Tudor Jones of the legend of the 1954 born trader. Made a name and goods with an ingenious trade in commodity trading, such as cotton, he founded the Tudor Fund of macro-based hedge fund in 1980. It was one of the hedge fund world of legend. Paul realized the American success story, it is speech of 15 years was wake-up call now of American capitalism. “Michael Norton: How to buy happiness” over Michael Norton Michael Norton is a professor of management at Harvard Business School. There is a book called “” buy happy money “five lessons”. Michael as possible referred to as the “happiness money can buy.” However, it is because due to use is his assertion. When the lottery or hit life is to introduce that be unhappy, talk about the use of social happiness of the buyers, that is money. Views up to now is a “money” related videos as being 11 years of the most seen in the world presentation at 3.5 million views. “the best of joy that give the wealth” Biru & Melinda Gates Microsoft founder, Bill Gates of the world’s wealthy. The other day also became a hot topic in 5070 billion to his wife is a charitable organization that was founded “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” it was a donation of this century maximum. Rather than building talk about business, and his wife in an interview format, donations, married life, but rare videos to tell the like for the family. But so also the story of Michael Norton, but the successful people in the United States has made a mechanism for reducing the wealth. I have found happiness there. A popular video that more than 3 million views in TED. If not wealth, I want to apprentice their thought. “genius mathematician won the Wall Street” Jimu Simmons Jim Simmons might not so high profile in Japan. 1938 born. MIT in majoring in mathematics, then, taught mathematics at the elite schools to represent Harvard, MIT that the United States, was said to genius mathematician. Entered the world of investment Hissage the math, now of system investment, it was one of the legend who built a prototype of quantitative investment. 1988, it operates a Renaissance Technologies, founded Medallion Fund is a hedge fund. Its performance is also legendary. His investment philosophy, investment model, is why spoken successful or the like in an interview CEO of the TED. “or block chain is how change the money and the economy,” Don tab Scott FinTech overseas situation is leading slightly in Japan. Also it nice thing about TED can participate easily in such a new technology and a new era of presentation, such as leaders and venture companies of the CEO. Don tab Scott, digital network is significantly changing the economy, society and culture and insisted, “digital economy”, but commentators with a lot of books, such as “b web revolution”. The commentary easy-to-understand credit construction by block chain technology to support the virtual currency. Virtual currency is also FinTech related In addition to this presentation, bit coin, because there are many archive of overseas remittance, we recommend that you try once by all means listen to the lecture before reading the Japanese business book. “David Rose” presentation surgery to the VC, “” over David Rose In the future, if you’re thinking about starting a business, this presentation is a must-see. If the aim of the entrepreneurs listed, it is difficult to expand the business in the only self-financing. Investment of venture capital is necessary. In order to obtain the contribution it will not be able to pass to avoid the road to persuade investors in the business model and presentation. David Rose is involved in the start-up of a lot of company as Anton planar, he was also active as a side to invest in venture capital as an angel. I will tell you 10 tips you should know before the VC of the presentation. “logic of sustainability investment” Kurisu Mak net GPIF of Japan, the world’s largest pension funds, was reportedly begin the ESG investment in the 1 trillion yen. The ESG investment, environment , Social , but the operation to invest in companies that are friendly to corporate governance . In investments to encourage companies sustainable growth in the long-term perspective, such as the global environment and human rights issues , it is advancing the introduction of a global pension funds. Chris Mak net is recommended actually ESG investment to institutional investors around the world. Institutional investors and companies are talking about the need to focus on ESG investment. Knowing the concept of ESG would be very important in considering the future of the financial markets and business. ” How to live before you die ” over Steve Jobs Until now there have been introduced that there is a Japanese subtitle, subtitle is not there is a video you want to introduce by all means. It impression of the lecture of Steve Jobs. Steve’s speech in TED’s just this one. 05 years in what was sent as oration at the graduation ceremony of Stanford University. Needless to say, but Steve died at the young 56-year-old to 11 years in Apple’s founder. The Steve’s story, tips, such as your own life and actions are inspired is studded lot. This time, was already a cancer of Steve was discovered. In such a time, said life, love, the themes such as death. “First we try to use the time and energy for the satisfaction of my life.” Absolutely If you want to also see Japanese, such as the should be able to find even videos with subtitles in this name speech YouTube. Once was not for him, it might be iPhone also did not have a tablet. Thank you Steve, thank you TED. Kazuo Hirata Keio University after graduation, small-cap analyst of Japanese stocks in the international part of the securities company, worked as a derivatives trader. After London resident, Transferred to foreign securities. As Japanese stocks top sales trader, sharp market analysis, domestic and foreign institutional investors in the investment advice, such as stocks recommended to give a high evaluation from the hedge fund. It is currently advising asset management primarily to individuals. [Recommended article of the editorial department] – the concept of “financial statements of the individual”! The improvement surgery to learn from a professional? – “Merukari listing” and Nikkei news report, market capitalization of 100 billion yen more than the Unicorn companies · Skin care is a weapon! ? Five Benefits of the business – 1 million yen at 790,000 yen lucrative? 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