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Why, "the Nikkei average 15 Rento" even Holdings Do not rise?

Why, "the Nikkei average 15 Rento" even Holdings Do not rise?

23 October 2017 | 8:40 pm

The Nikkei Stock Average of the ruling party victory that received October 23 at the House of Representatives election, was closed by a significant rise in the previous 21,696 yen 65 sen of the weekend ratio of 239 yen 01 sen high. 15 rise in the consecutive business days will be past the longest record. Nikkei Rento of the average stock prices have made noise, the split to not their holdings are increased to there, such as investors voices heard. Why not rise as it sounds, it is a factor in that there is a characteristic movement in funds flowing to the stock market. Let not explain the reason. Large-cap stocks leading small-cap stocks rise rate is rate is not less than 1% Nikkei when the average stock price begins to rise due to momentum, Nikkei large stock companies high companies and market capitalization of contribution to the average stock price rises. For example, high company Fast Retailing influential , Softbank , large-cap stocks is Toyota Motor Corp. , and Nomura Holdings hit it. It can be seen and to check the chart, but the stock prices of the companies listed above are the conjunction with the rise in the Nikkei Stock Average. Individual investors that hold these shares will be earnings are out. However, some individual investors tend to hold the small-cap stocks in not a large-cap stocks, if anything. In fact, when we try to compare the rate of rise of some large-cap index and the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Small Cap index TSE that difference is understood well. Stock chart, can be seen if the search for “SBI Securities First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange index large-cap index,” “SBI Securities First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Index Small Cap index”. After the snap election announcement, small-cap index is also not increased 1 percent unfortunately between the four days up to 22 days from September 19, large-cap index First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange will play a rise of more than 2% there. It is typical likely to say that large-cap market has come as can be seen from here. Attention to “funds transfer” of the stock market In the stock market frequently it is funds transfer is made. For example, funds gathered in the emerging strain when the emerging stock market rises, the funds gather in good company with the financial results become settlement period. On the other hand in order to fund the escape from the companies and the stock market has become a disturbing air, will be going down the stock price if the company. Until you actually get the story of this election, from the high large-cap stocks of the shareholding ratio of foreign investors there is also a geopolitical risk has been a situation in which the funds are flowing out. But by the news of the election has been good material view, so far takes halt the outflow of funds, funds have been observed the movement of the rewinding that come back to the large-cap stocks. When a stock investment, it is necessary to know the “what kind of companies have been attracting attention now.” Eventually just because the Nikkei Stock Average has risen, it is not necessarily all of the strains do not go up unconditionally. Emerging Markets-free reaction And, recently, it is the emerging markets is poor. Although the dissolution of the general election announced after the Mothers index is prima facie rise is seen, high mixi of the contribution to the Mothers index, Cyberdyne , stock prices of Mothers stocks such as Sosei stood out increase is not observed. Stocks listed on the Mothers there are many popular brands to individual investors. To not ride profits in the rise of the past few days, it is considered as a slump also the cause of these emerging markets. However, there is also suddenly Mothers market is the second coming after a pause the rise in the past few days of the Nikkei Stock Average. Nikkei is now a large stock quotes of the interlocking would Gil that are in a posture to the time being wait-and-see for the emerging stock sets. The timing at which it becomes unpopular preferential shares of individual investors preferences As with emerging stock, preferential treatment stock also a very popular among individual investors. But more are also investors to consolidate most of the holdings in the preferential shares, but the rise is not expected Unfortunately, in such a preferential treatment strains, such as the now market. Preferential shares over to its own movement that is different from the Nikkei Stock Average, at the time of the large-cap market is also possible to decline to reverse rather than stock prices go up. While for the special benefit investors it is also fully expected to become a market of patience. Also important to keep the attitude to wait without chased the upside Investors of assets held individual shares in this kind of case, it is often not increase surprisingly. Simply as another individual investors that invest the assets only in the Nikkei average linked the ETF and large-cap stocks, does not increase the investors of the assets are invested in small-cap stocks, it would be to have fret. But here, when you or switching assets to large-cap stocks, because sometimes will grab once the ceiling of the market, here is also a Shidokoro of patience. Nikkei rises turn waiting for the coming of the attitude of the “holdings” without chased the upside of the average rise in stock prices are just that important. Ayumu Taniyama After graduating from Waseda University, Faculty of Law, engaged in dealing activities in the securities company. Also worked as a columnist at Yahoo! Finance. Nikkei BP’s activities in even as individual investors, such as will be published in such as “billionaire investor Directory of Japan”. 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