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Whether the Bank of Japan Halloween to inflame the 10/30 weeks No. "one US dollar 115 yen more than"

Whether the Bank of Japan Halloween to inflame the 10/30 weeks No. "one US dollar 115 yen more than"

27 October 2017 | 9:19 am

Dollar yen expected range 113.20-115.80 “The future is, I’m serious.” – This is a valve of intimacy deputies played a winner in the other day of the 48th House of Representatives election. The reason for “very” in, reported that thanks to the constituencies, and conforming to Article 54 the Constitution, the party adjustment related to the prime minister nomination of a special Diet session to be convened within 30 days after the election. Bank of Japan Halloween mischief in political slapstick period 10/26, Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary House of Representatives factions Council and a member of the House of Councilors Steering Committee Board of Directors, notice the 11/1 convening of the special session of the Diet. After the same day elected vice chairman, Prime Minister nomination election is carried out in both houses of the Diet this meeting, Abe LDP president is nominated in the first 98 generations prime minister in almost 100% of the time. It abenomics re-start scene. But the author is gazing is, the day before, a Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Meeting of 10/31. Was pointed out in the past issue, whether in the Abe administration, quantitative monetary easing is likely to be continued. It expected to present mitigation measures to manipulate the short and long interest rates is maintained. Therefore, the author has been distrust is, than there is also a possibility that the slight downward correction the price outlook of “Prospects of Economic Activity and Prices ” in the 10/31 Bank of Japan meeting of the political vacuum life was ahead of the prime minister nomination or not, is the reading of the. The reason is innuendo in politics who instructed the “mobile phone price cut” the body. Come to the President Kuroda, the government and the Bank of Japan signed it policy agreement in January 2013 is to wastepaper for this time of dissolution general election is also a was dressed. In addition, “the feet of the inflation rate is weak, mainly has considerable influence of a price cut of a mobile phone and call charges” than before and, in recent years, shows a similar word in all credit cooperatives tournament of 10/20. Upon receiving the instruction of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe from down the household burden for, “work on the mobile price cuts,” said the high city Noda minister continues to run. I do not me why consideration to, “” mobile phone price cuts “are like the voice of the inflation rate pressure, and! It Kuroda President of discontent has been overlooked with “. The “Halloween relaxation” of 2014 ” Trickortreat!” Whether beyond as determined dialogue with, “Supportora deflation! .” and the Bank of Japan will not knead the Dada to the government. Market reaction is relief long-term reduction of the price outlook revised downward. And if Takamare strengthening observation, it might stir up a “one US dollar 115 yen super”. 10/30 weeks dollar yen Upside focus is 3/15 highs 114.90, milestone 115.00,3 / 14 highs 115.205,3 / 10 highs 115.52, month foot cloud upper limit 115.848, or milestone 116.00.1 / 11 highs 116.88 expectations Bogai. Downside focus is 10/26 lows 113.34,10 / 23-24 lows 113.23. Crack and 10/20 maintenance of rising band 113.10-112.70 is being questioned on the same day lows 112.51, and Shuashikumo upper limit 112.183 is consciousness inferred. Rikiya Takebe Okasan Online Securities investment information manager and senior strategist

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