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-Tokyo – Metropolitan Assembly of the Don, Shigeru Uchida Metropolitan Assembly is “There is no need to respond to your demands” stalwart of absence Metropolitan Assembly Liberal Democrats photography denial

3 August 2016 | 4:06 am

the responsibility of the “2,910,000 votes I feel that. ” Tokyo new steering role and became Yuriko Koike governor of metropolitan government (64) is 2 days, but enthusiasm in the governor’s office was first Tocho. Koike Shigeru Uchida Metropolitan Assembly (77) of the Liberal Democratic Party, which has been referred to as the “Don of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly,” from Mr. has been hardening its intention to resign the train Secretary-General, Mr. Koike Metropolitan Assembly Liberal Democratic Party, which came to Aisatsumawari “snub”. Koike metropolitan government greeted the sail of turbulent includes.

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