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[Strategy report] Nikkei average year-end 20,000 average of 5,000 yen Nikkei Rento record and nine of principle

[Strategy report] Nikkei average year-end 20,000 average of 5,000 yen Nikkei Rento record and nine of principle

25 October 2017 | 3:24 am

“In order to survive in the future to accelerate 9 Principles” by Minoruichi Ito and Jeff Howe is a book a must-read in IoT / AI era. As following the nine principles set forth in this book. 1. Emergence from authority 2. pull than push 3. compass from the map 4. risk than safety 5. disobedience than follow 6. practice than theory Diversity than 7. ability 8. resilience than strength 9. mono than the system I, numb from before this book is published in the word “compass from the map”, it has been memo to the notebook . Before MIT Media Lab Director Ito MinoruKazuuji is also nearly five years, the author, “WIRED” VOL 5 . Are told in. Toshiba, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Kobe Steel – when you think about the background of the spate of large corporate scandals, remember Ito’s words. If you have a magnet to the top of the company has been firm, whether the field is not was able to move without the wrong direction. In any case, this only fast upheaval of the times, but the fact that relying on the “map” of the old is rather there is a risk that the wrong way. I want to bear in mind. Nikkei average has continued to grow 16 days until yesterday. Also with a 21,900 yen at the beginning approaching in firmer today. October 2, is I who appeared in the “News Morning Satellite” of TV Tokyo, which asked the outlook for the year remaining three months, does not change the target of the end of the year 22,000 yen, but felt they were already almost achieved the I would say. It is from that time. The Nikkei average of Rento began of. And this week Monday appeared to again “Mosate”, the Nikkei average will repaint the longest stretch in succession ever recorded in the 15 Rento, he said. “News Morning Satellite”, the guest is welcome a program of ending in “today’s economic point of view” that handwriting itself to flip. Words that I wrote on Monday, Height than the length How many days fuss firmer Toka longest Rento record Toka but essential share price has just still exceeds barely half of the high price that was attached to the bubble period. Stock prices of other countries is the all-time high. Even Argentina’s stock price of default regulars countries are updating the all-time high. To corporate interests is the highest past, stock price is half of the previous highest value. As is the fact that it’s nothing more than that was wrong in the past of the stock price evaluation, I wrote in a previous report that. No use crying the past. Today than tomorrow, not only proceed in a step-by-step before tomorrow than today. Currently finished the liquidation of the bubble, it has become decent valuations. The PER range listed in a month before the report’ll keep up date. PER So based on a 12-month target of EPS, what is published in Nihon Keizai Shimbun: different from the . Since stock prices is something that incorporate the results of a year earlier, have seen only the performance of the other remaining five months By now, the 18-year / ended March 31, become underestimated. EPS was proportionally the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year has already reached close to 1500 yen. As apparent from the graph, PER the past year has been remained at 13 to 15 times around the 14-fold range. From here would be a 14-16-fold range in the center of the 15-fold rounded up one range. Because the average long-term is 15 times only things to return to normal levels. When the evaluation of 1500 yen EPS at 16 times is 24,000 yen. Enough would be achieved should widen the span to the end of the fiscal year. Perhaps next year there is an up side of about 5% if you look at the one year ahead of EPS of March. If 1575 yen × PER16 times, coming more than 25,000 yen. The Nikkei average, 25,000 yen at the end of the year. You will hear the absurd? Translator, Hiroo Yamagata’s “9 Principles” in the “Afterword”, in easy-to-understand words the nine principles, is me again translation. • The do not know spontaneous important to the would-autonomy and let’s leave it to flexibility and prior to that motion, it tends to move in the rough direction of rules because things change, try not to be bound by excessive – rather than dare think also important, Arekore to try to deviate from the rules, first doing us will pin from point come off doing all-out war with, the initiatives also members also recovery than solidify the defense to would-Gachigachi case have a diversity consider the wider social impact than trying to focus on power-simple products Sub-title of “9 Principles” is “in order to survive in the future to accelerate”, upon reading the foregoing, rather than there is no discomfort at all as “in order to survive in the stock market to accelerate”, this is exactly , I come think that it is an essential principle to Survive in the future of the market. 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