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Reality of the global expansion strategy of the target is not only in Japan but "Ososai"

Reality of the global expansion strategy of the target is not only in Japan but "Ososai"

5 November 2017 | 7:00 am

Japan market as well, staring the world has been making sake “Ososai”. Without writing a Cross-legged on the cultural aspects of Japanese sake, in order to make a successful business from directly in front, making the hand you do not loosen the hand. It analyzes the market scale of the world’s beverage market, will introduce the techniques and ideas that will penetrate there. ) Attack the center of the market From the beginning to make the otter Festival, we have been thoroughly this strategy. Currently, including the Paris and New York, we are working to aggressively overseas expansion of Ososai. “Even without going abroad, sake or not should I sell only to the Japanese. What is also not necessary to go out into the world,” sometimes referred to as. However, originally We are not selling at the local Yamaguchi Prefecture, it is the wine cellar, which has been forced to advance to the Tokyo market. Just because sold in Tokyo, from now on be returned to local, you do not survive. So Ososai aims the world. Ososai is, I was able to get accepted in Japan in the heart of Tokyo. Only because a huge market of 12 million people , there was a room that also enter into us. The attack the centers of the world of food, such as Paris or New York, because there is a successful experience in Tokyo. In particular, Paris is a city of food. Even in New York, it has a significant impact on the Paris food trends. So, first we would like to penetrate the otter Festival in Paris. The top few percent of the world market Customers What to expect in terms of expanding into overseas markets, Ososai is not acceptable only in the top few percent of the national market, is that. For example, it takes a tax, such as tariffs and export to France, the price at the time of entering the French will be three to four times. In addition, if it is provided in a first-class restaurant of Samsung such as Robuchon, further price jumps. So, it will be drunk 800 euros in two-inclusive meal to people like can pay. Layer that can afford such a price is only a few percent higher. So, Ososai is no choice at the time of export to overseas, First’ll drink to high-income earners. It may feel like a weakness is that the market is limited, but in fact is also a strength. This is because the wealthy are accustomed to eat the things of the world delicious, because the taste is similar. So, also provide the same otter Festival in Japan, we us enjoy without discomfort. Do not depend too much on local production for local consumption While advances nationally depopulation, local companies suffering from the sales slump is not less. However, it says a severe that, in the company who are suffering from the sales slump in rural areas, there is no less a place that spoiled the word “local production for local consumption”. The impact of the word “local production for local consumption” is large. Local production for local consumption will be a boom, at a local material, which was made by local people, is Arigatagara it just, timing has been followed for some time that. Still the trend will remain, but, but actually the quality is not much better, there are also products and services that have survived on the basis of local production for local consumption of the name. However, if there is no good quality, it will always be culled. Create something really good. To ask them to support our customers, there is only it. Good quality, if they have the will to sell, not only local, you should not leave them alone in your city such as Tokyo. Rivals “for the time being beer” Otter Festival of sales 10.8 billion yen in the year 2016. Thankfully, we were able to extend the rapid sales in the last few years, on the other hand you can also view “Do not to soon become a plateau Given the overall sake market” in. However, I have room for still extend, I believe that. Up to 100 billion yen or not than can even be extended the otter Festival of the market, and. If Tsutaware the otter Festival attractive to people overseas, we can expect also the expansion of overseas markets. If you can deliver more otter festival to people who “want to drink delicious sake”, I think that there is no need to Kimetsukeru the “otter festival of the market is up to here.” For example, if representing the brand value of alcoholic beverages in the triangle, to position its apex in the Japanese consciousness, fine wines and champagne, is part of the brand of whiskey. Sake is even Junmai Daiginjo, there is no brand that has built a brand of these and apposition. Even though traditional sake of Japan, is a pathetic story because not Kizuke the brand in Japanese. However, if it is possible to build a brand, such as “luxury champagne when the celebration”, Ososai a more diverse scene, there is a possibility that people what to drink a lot of people. It will be more attention in foreign countries. Our goal the time being, to push the Ososai to the apex of the triangle. To challenge this, we believe that there is a meaning also for the Japanese. Model brand of champagne Sake, including the otter Festival, does not yet have a brand such as other alcoholic beverages. For example, beer has penetrated as liquor indispensable to toast. Even if there is to ask to say that “the time being beer”, will not be ordered to say that “for the time being sake”. In addition, the champagne is becoming to drink indispensable to the seat of the celebration also in the society of Japan. Me in the even of a brewery of Japanese sake, “to commemorate the visit, will be happy to present here of champagne from hundred of our sommeliers today” in the restaurant, such as being the correspondence is not uncommon. Or inwardly while and toward accept a “thank you”, but I get lost or refuse without making the corner, because the store with a transaction if and only such a place is almost, I often forced the difficult decision. It is cool yourself drinking champagne was poured into a stylish glass. Of such champagne image, it has been accepted by many Japanese. “Cool yourself drinking otter Festival”. If it is possible to have a representative of the product, such as get to think so is otter Festival, the possibility of Japanese sake or will not spread much larger. The sake is going fighting in the world from now on, I think the champagne is made to rival. And have observed the idea for the brand of How to make and market, champagne is it can become one of the model. The small brewery in the mountains survive in the world, we believe that it is necessary to raise the brand image of the otter festival until about is side-by-side champagne and shoulder. Overwhelming brand of jelly of “Toraya” In terms of brand power, I am not tied up eyes from the “Toraya” to engage in the manufacture and sale of Atsumonohitsuji. Speaking of jelly of Toraya, classic souvenir. I think in a lot of people say, bring the jelly of Toraya is when you want to show good faith to the other party. Better to get the jelly also become known until the price “This is one Yokan of 10,000 yen. Do it seriously.” Such a product, there is no so. Novelty sweets in coming born from the next to the next, has established the brand as a classic sweets. Not only the famous department stores in Japan, opened in Roppongi Midtown, such as stylish shops are aligned commercial facilities. Toraya in Paris store was opened in France in the 1980s continued to business now, we have completely rooted in a foreign land. This is my selfish imagine, Toraya is I do not think necessarily that amass the brand from strategy and business model was skillfully. “The results have been continue to stick to the taste of sweets, it became a brand,” Why not at the truth is that. In considering the brand value of the future of the otter Festival, management stance of Toraya will be very helpful. As in the jelly of Toraya, if Kizukere brands such as “when the hundred want to drink the otter Festival”, the possibility of otter Festival believe will spread more. Profit priority is asking for trouble So far overseas expansion of the sake of has been mainly carried out in the country-led. However, I had the uncomfortable feeling. “Future Japan’s liquor market is going to shrink. In order to protect the tradition, do I need to develop the overseas market” logic that is not only on account of the sake industry. Whether that force a sale to foreign countries in their own convenience, it would not be too 慢傲. Because the Japanese market is shrinking, Uttederu to foreign countries in search of new opportunities. We have an increasing number of such companies. Overseas expansion itself is not a problem, but to companies expanding overseas in profit priority you feel uncomfortable. A noodle shop is expanding overseas, but has expanded to a total of 50 stores called popular, 2, 3 years to withdraw early you are tired to be. Ramen shop’s management, is so now is planning overseas expansion at the sushi bar. The had ramen is tired in just two, three years, is evidence that the customer is not accustomed happy to eat ramen. I think we have felt the real intention of the company called “profit priority”. We will put out the only sake believe in themselves and delicious. Even people overseas, we believe they’ll know its good If you take otter Festival. According to the overseas market in the “profit priority”, also developed a new sake, to continue to taper are visible to the eye. “I want you willing to partner” is based Sometimes it is more important than obtaining a short-term profit. It is that customers drinking sake is a happy feeling. We are also when the overseas, has been careful not to forget the original intention of “I want to see your happy smile.” If you go to the countryside, I often see the sight of people of the house that are growing vegetables in the field to the Osusowake to the people around. Grandma has been pulling out the radish from the back of the field, let me have said, “This eat Do not try.” For the Grandma, I want you willing to eat the pride of vegetables that you have made and painstakingly. But, it is its single-minded. There is no mercenary ones in there. We also are building the otter Festival, you have to cherish the feeling close to this grandma. In other words, I want you willing to those who drank the otter Festival, I want to become a smile -. That is the the base of the brewing. Even in overseas, it will not be such an attitude is changed. When chasing the interests of the front of the eye, it will believe just that palm off their goods to the other party. Even if there is temporarily sell it, you will not be able to people to keep them coming back. Instead of “their own convenience”, I think in “partner convenience.” On the extension line, I think we come with sales and profits. To compete in the otter Festival likeness The first place also am going to align the taste of Ososai to foreign tastes, but it is not so easy. Even if the research of overseas showers study, the thought is not only shallow ones. Also is said to foreign wine makers as “wine to match the tastes of Japanese” On the contrary, I think we do not come many Japanese pin To. Will Some people critically regarded as “what you know I’m Japanese.” Because “I want to drink the home of wine” is, I think that’s true of the needs of the Japanese. Sake to be sold overseas be the same, Japan likeness, if there is no otter Festival ness, even if there is to be temporarily attention, do not be established as a brand. Also otter Festival to drink in Tokyo, otter festival drink in Yamaguchi Prefecture also enjoy the same taste. And, you can drink otter Festival also of the same taste in New York and Paris. This is our aim and are ideal. So, we’re not going to build a Ososai tailored to the otter Festival and American taste tailored to the European market. That’s because not what customers are looking for. The Japanese Ferrari lovers to buy a Ferrari, because it’s the same Ferrari home. Japan is just because the narrow streets and traffic congestion in many cases, where made the Ferrari of congestion specifications for the Japanese market, will not buy most of the lovers. In the Japan of the road, if not able to give full play to the performance of the Ferrari, lovers we have put the value to “be a Ferrari.” “Ososai fits well in French.” In 2017, French chef with a Michelin star in the world, in collaboration with Mr. Joel Robuchon, is scheduled to be opened restaurants and bars otter Festival drink, shop, the composite shop consists of cafes in Paris . For the Asahi brewery, it will be the first store abroad. By partnering food culture and the tag of France, spread the new world of sake, we expect to be able to have a new market there. Robuchon who is the charisma of the French is, drinking otter festival, he told me over these words. “More of my French than the Japanese is well suited to the otter Festival” This was reassuring words for those of us who are working in earnest in overseas expansion. Ososai is, without changing the taste according to the Paris of the market, we compete on the same as the goods that are sold in Japan. Wine is the national drink of France, is characterized by there is a place biased Kadoya to taste. Therefore, the aim of balanced taste of the balance as of the otter Festival, the seemingly easy to drink wine but some experts Hyosuru as “childish”. Kind enough to “sake should not and does not become more” adult “,” were some industry who gave me advice. It is easy to build the sake of excessive. Because should I missing a hand. However, because “easy to drink clean, but there is a depth to the back” is the personality of different otter Festival and wine. Once you have built a dare not good sake, even if there is temporarily accepted that, sooner or later, will be the result of losing a place in Paris. In that sense, the words of Mr. French masters Robuchon is, there is a great value for the otter Festival. After one to two years, it might values ​​for the French sake has changed. French enjoy a meal while saying “Ososai fits also in French”. We are thrilled by just such a imagination. Hiroshi Sakurai
Asahi Brewery chairman. In 1950, Yamaguchi Prefecture Shūtō, Yamaguchi was born. Matsuyama University of Commerce after graduation, Nishinomiyashuzo through an apprenticeship at the , also joined Asahi Brewery in 76 years, left the company at odds with his father On direction and management of sake brewing. Temporarily established a stone wholesale company, but was allowed to grow to 200 million yen annual sales, in response to the father’s sudden death back to the family business in 1984. Develop a pure rice Daiginjo “Ososai” overlapping research, such as the warehouse building construction of the rare four seasons brewing and the 12-story in the industry, has promoted a system of “good wine” building. [Recommended article of the editorial department] – the knowledge of adult skin care to be at the forefront – “Marui is not a department store”, “3 million yen more than Super Mario” ZUU Online8_tsukikijirankingu – Skilled business person does not put the fat on the body, put to work. – Article 5 election want to read in front of the home purchase | correct or residential purchase of up to five times annual income? · NISA account Top Picks, banks and securities recommended Which is?

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