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Of October 26, foreign stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, and commodity markets – Bloomberg

Of October 26, foreign stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, and commodity markets - Bloomberg

26 October 2016 | 9:16 pm

Western market of stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, commodity prices are as follows.

◎ NY Forex: Euro rises from 7-month lows against the dollar – in the economic indicators

In New York foreign exchange market of 26 days, the euro against the dollar from the 7-month lows rise. European economy, showed an improvement, the European Central easing pressure on the Bank (ECB) has been widespread speculation that is reduced.

The euro rose against the majority of the 16 major currencies. If the trend continues, the rise in the four weeks the first time in a week basis against the dollar. According to the index of JP Morgan Chase & Co., the world of currency volatility (volatility) has remained in the vicinity of the year-to-date low-level.

CIBC World Markets foreign exchange macro senior strategist, Mr. Baipan Lai (Toronto Zaikin) has pointed out that “the euro has been underestimated for a long time.” “Judging from the movement of the market, the part is large, which reflects the German economy more than anything else at the moment,” he continued.

New York City time of 5:00 pm, the euro 1 euro = $ 1.0908 the previous day ratio of 0.2 percent against the dollar. And $ 1.0851 the day before, it had been reduced to since March lows.

dollar is $ 1 = 104 yen 47 sen 0.2 percent against the yen.

JP Morgan currency volatility index and 9.38%, near the lowest level since December last year.

German business confidence index of the Ifo 10 May Economic Research Institute is a summary of Germany will rise, was a high level reached in two and a half years. Also IHS Markit euro zone manufacturing purchasing managers’ index, which was announced in 24 days (PMI) was the first time in about three years high level.

Rabobank International of senior currency strategist, said Jane Foley is a “recent data is a bright content”, he continued, “a plus in providing a certain sense of stability to the Euro”.
Original title: Euro Climbs From 7-Month Low as Economic Data Reduce Easing Odds (excerpt)

◎ US stocks: S & P500 species modest continued to fall, sell to health care and high-tech

continued to fall slightly the S & P500 kind stock index in the US stock market of 26 days. It received the corporate financial results and forecasts, jostle scene was remarkable. While the financial and industrial stocks to rise, health care and high-tech stocks fell.

Apple outlook invites disappointment, pressure on the high-tech stock. Edwards Life Sciences that height is lower than expected sales were down on the health care shares. Other hand, the balance sheet has been favorable impression Boeing became one year and nine-month significantly high. Mondelēz international that the profit outlook was revised upward rise. While approaching the high level of US bond yields gave in June, KBW Banks index was hit a new high year-to-date.

S & P500 kind stock index ending at 2139.43 0.2 percent. After lowering one o’clock 0.5%, it was also a scene to fill the lowered. On the other hand, Dow Jones Industrial Average finished at $ 30.06 US dollars (0.2%) higher 18,199.33. The Nasdaq composite index 0.6 percent lower.

Mr. Wells Fargo Funds Management, chief portfolio strategist Brian Jacobsen stood “Dow, the S & P, that is a rare headed in a direction different from each Nasdaq. Slight stocks and sectors because so made often in the motion, he said that it is important that it is not determined that the Nasdaq those not in the Dow and s & P have suggested. but it is a rare phenomenon attention “.

Intel and 3M, Apple’s prospects invites disappointment, recently for the closing season has become a mottled there is no momentum to rise, S & P500 species five weeks near the experience three or more days of continuous high not in. So far, out of the S & P500 species constituent stocks has announced the financial results, the 78% recorded a profit than expected. 62% is the sales were higher than expected. Profit forecast of analysts still have remained flat year-on-year. 27 days is scheduled to Google of the parent company as the alphabet and the Amazon-dot-com is to announce its financial results.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is the first time in three-year low. Sales does not reach expectations, it suggests that you are struggling to recover from last year’s E. coli infection problem.

On the other hand, Biogen 3.7 percent. Sales of the multiple sclerosis treatment drug increased 10 percent, the third quarter profit was higher than expected.
Original title: S & P 500 Index Slips Amid Health-Care Earnings, Apple Sales View (excerpt)

◎ US Treasury: fall, Black Rock US Treasuries fell for the leader Mr. convinced of the December rate hike

26 days. 2-year yield was high level rise since June. Global fixed income chief investment officer of BlackRock Rick leader Mr. (CIO) is the US rate hike in December is considered as good was also determined.

sensitive two-year bond yields to changes in the policy interest rate is 5 days stretch in succession. Yield curve was steepening. US service sector purchasing managers’ index Markit Economics announced (PMI) has expanded more than expected.

leader said 25 days, conducted by the conference in San Diego said, “as it is a result of almost expected the US presidential election, are confident to raise rates in December”, once the “December rate hike, and the next year twice, 18 years continued and would “to raise interest rates three times.

According to the Bloomberg Bond Trader, New York time of 5:00 pm, two-year bond yield is the day before ratio of 2 basis points (bp, 1bp = 0.01%) up to 0.87%. High level but since June 2. The same year bonds (coupon rate 0.75%, maturity October 2018) the price is down 1/32 99 3/4.

10-year bond yields are up 4bp to 1.79%. The yield difference between the five-year bonds and 30-year bonds was steep into about 1.24 points.

Wells Fargo Securities interest rate strategist, Mr. Boris Ryabinsuki said, “market participants rise in yields, steepening of the yield curve has led to the conclusion that it is more appropriate.”

According to the Bloomberg summarized data, traders have priced in a rate hike probability of the end of the year 72%. A week ago was 64 percent. This calculation is based on the assumption of the effective federal funds (FF) rate after the next rate hike is on the average 0.625%.

US Treasury Department is implementing a 5-year bonds the bid in the afternoon (34 billion US dollars). Percentage of the total successful bid of primary dealers (government securities authorized dealer) was the highest in since July.
Original title: BlackRock’s Rieder Sure of December Fed Hike as Treasuries Fall (excerpt)

◎ NY gold: pullback, the US rate hike is the end of next year 3 times and OCBC is expected

New York gold futures market price of 26 days to the pullback. In the 7-September (third quarter) most accurately the expected Singapore’s Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation the gold trend of (OCBC), the Federal Open Market Commission (FOMC) is probably following the December 2017 2 conducted a round of interest rate hikes, the dollar rises, gold is expected to take a hit.

OCBC economist, Mr. Barnabas gun in the report, “From FOMC goal of achieving employment maximization and price stability, recent data do this was with 2 achievement of the large responsibility of the FOMC aligned manner look “and pointed out. “Given the strong correlation between gold and the dollar, the firm of the environment and the dollar with it the rise in interest rates is expected, should they support the next year’s gold bearish scenario,” he said.

gold futures for December delivery of the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) is completed in one ounce $ 1,266.60 the previous day ratio of 0.5 percent.

silver futures also fell. Platinum and palladium of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) was also drops.
Original title: Gold’s Top Forecaster Sees Prices Sinking Amid Three Fed Hikes (excerpt)

◎ NY crude oil: 3-week lows, stock down is also not material viewed on the West coast center

in New York crude oil futures market of 26 days continued to fall West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures is 3 days. The first time in three weeks with a low price. Although crude oil inventories fell unexpectedly in the statistics of the US Energy Information Administration, was followed by a sell from that was a decrease of the West Coast led. Since the West Coast is a different supply system and other areas, also that there may not be material view.

John Hancock Managing Director to operate the oil and natural gas-related fixed income portfolio in the (Boston), Mr. Adam Wise “It’s a rough market deployment. Easily in the opposite direction by a change in news and sentiment move. data of the day said that the strength’s mixed content “.

WTI futures December contract the day before ratio 78 cents (1.6%) cheaper per barrel = $ 49.18 and, lowest since four days as the closing price of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). London ICE Brent crude oil for December delivery was 81 cents (1.6%) depreciation of $ 49.98.
Original title: Oil Declines as West Coast Supply Drop Offset by Gains Elsewhere (excerpt)

◎ European lines: continued to fall, Bayer at the closing disappointment cheap – crude oil weaker selling in energy stocks at

European stock markets fell on the 26th. Stoxx Europe 600 index of indicators has become a three-day losing streak. Were growing concerns over the health of the regional companies. Background in oil and gas stocks of crude oil depreciation was also sold.

Stoxx 600 index ending at 341.76 the previous day ratio of 0.4 percent. This is a big drops of about the first time in a week. Closing the general construction company Vinci of the pharmaceutical company Bayer and France of Germany has announced disappoint, it invited disappointment. Cheaper mining stocks around the Antofagasta shows the expected to fall next year of copper production. In crude oil drops, it was sold as well, such as BP Plc and Anglo-Dutch-based Royal Dutch Shell. Property stocks played the most tight down in this month 6 days later.

European Central Bank (ECB) concerns about the policy direction and the economic push-up capacity is pressure on the European stock, Stoxx 600 index is heading to two months continued to fall since the beginning of the year in monthly basis. Analysts especially bearish for the banks and resource companies, this year’s profits of these industries are expected to decline 16% strength.

Bank House lamp (Dusseldorf) strategist, Mr. Ralph Zimmermann is a “corporate balance sheet is not sufficiently strong enough to push up the market,” investors of some who had expected an acceleration of “income disappointed might have, “he said.
Original title: Losses Accelerate for Europe Stocks on Earnings Disappointments (excerpt)

◎ European bonds: general decline, Italy 10-year bond yield 4 -month high level – was the expansion to lower overall in the center the Italian government bonds in the European debt market concerns

26 days an increase in supply. Issuance of successive governments and companies have become the weight of the bond market.

10-year bond yields in Italy have reached the highest level since June. The country has issued inflation-linked bonds of maturity is 2024 and 26 years. Received that Carney Governor of the Bank of England (UK central bank) has stated that there is a limit to overlook the inflation rate that exceeds the target in 25 days, the United Kingdom bonds decline. This was the further depress material the market. The UK is that it has issued 4,000,000,000 lbs the 2065 July redemption bonds through the Bank team also was a decline factor of gilts.

Portugal is implementing for the first time to become government bonds bid later that DBRS has affirmed the country’s rating at investment grade. In addition to Germany is a 5-year bonds was € 3 billion bond issuance, it was also issued bonds companies such as Merck and Verizon Communications. Italian Ministry of Finance carries out the government bond bid of up to 8.5 billion euros equivalent to 28 days.

Bank of Montreal of interest rate trading department of the Managing Director, Mr. Craig Collins (London Zaikin) has pointed out that “fell by the center in the UK debt.” UK bonds in addition to the issuance of 25 days, in addition to have become unstable from “concerns over the policy of the BoE”, issuance of euro participating countries was also added that intensified the confusion.

London time 4:00 pm 4 minutes now, 10-year Italian bond yield is the day before ratio of 9 basis points (bp, 1bp = 0.01%) and 1.48% of the increase, a high level to reach since June 28, did. 10-year bonds in Germany yield 7bp up 0.1 percent of the index.

British 10-year bond yield 8bp rise to 1.17%. And 1.22% on the 17th, a national referendum asking the pros and cons of the European Union (EU) residual-withdrawal gave the highest level since June 23, that have been made. 10-year bond yield Portugal became the 3bp up 3.22 percent.

Original title: Italy’s Bond Yields Touch Four-Month High as Debt Supply Weighs (excerpt)

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