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October 24, foreign stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, and commodity markets – Bloomberg

October 24, foreign stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, and commodity markets - Bloomberg

24 October 2016 | 9:04 pm

Western market of stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, commodity prices are as follows.

◎ NY Forex: low-level volatility index year-to-date – the US presidential election ahead of

of 24 days in New York foreign exchange market, the index that shows the volatility of the exchange rate down to year-to-date low level It was. Observation of the market has priced in the US interest rate hikes in the next few months with sufficient probability is in the background. Also Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton in the support rate of the US presidential election, increasing the lead against Republican candidate Donald Trump, also a clue that the uncertainty of the political surface is recessed.

measure of the variability of the exchange of the world is reduced. US rate hike probability of December to be woven into the federal funds (FF) interest rate futures has become a 70%. On this day the dollar was a scuffle in the vicinity of 7 month high.

US rate hike probability of the end of the year to be factored into the futures market, a week ago was 66 percent. This calculation is based on the assumption of the effective federal funds (FF) rate after the rate hike is 0.625%.

US currency strategy officer of HSBC Holdings, Mr. daraf Ma Mr. (New York Zaikin) is “the dollar is moving already enough, be careful market slightly to follow the $ overly aggressive It pointed out that the widespread recognition that end up on stage. ” “I prefer the transaction market is still euro buy dollars and sell in the upward phase of the transaction, or the dollar sell the yen to buy at a slightly down at the moment. However, it is not to swing big in either direction It continued with the wax. ”

New York City time, 5:00 pm Currently, global FX volatility index of JP Morgan Chase declined 9.3 percent before weekend ratio, the lowest level since December 8 last year. Bloomberg Dollar spot index that shows the movement of the dollar against 10 major currencies rise 0.1 percent.

dollar is $ 1 = 104 yen 18 sen 0.4 percent against the yen. According to the

23 days published poll of ABC News, one of the voters is a strong possibility to vote in the US presidential election, 50 percent support rate of Clinton, support rate of Trump candidate 38 % it became. National In the poll by Bloomberg politics that have been announced to also 19 days, Clinton, if it is assumed that the dispute only Trump Messrs, support rate is Mr. Clinton has become 50%, Mr. Trump is 41%.

Switzerland quote bank of market strategy officer, Mr. Peter Rosen strike Reich, due to lead the expansion of Mr. Clinton, the volatility of the dollar index expected to “decline followed” toward November. It continued, “We need material to move a large market.”
Original title: Currency Volatility Falls to Lowest This Year Before US Vote (excerpt)

◎ US stocks: rise, optimism stronger succession of M & A – expected to exceed the settlement also

US stock market rise of 24 days. While financial results will be announced, after another corporate mergers and acquisitions (M & A), was growing optimism.

Rockwell Collins and TD Ameritrade Holding has announced the acquisition. T-Mobile US is higher than the expected financial results.

Jones Trading Institutional Services global market strategist, Mr. Youssef Abbashi has a “worldwide momentum, for M & A has become evident in the United States, stock prices rose. It is the current market he said buying suggests M & a motivation of motivation and the company. ”

S & P500 kind stock index ending at 2151.33 0.5 percent. Dow Jones Industrial Average finished at $ 77.32 US dollars (0.4%) higher 18,223.03.

AT & T, including the net debt, plan to buy Time Warner at $ 108.7 billion. The total amount of announced M & A in 21 days and later became $ 124 billion near. BE Aerospace is a high 16%. Rockwell Collins has agreed to acquire BE in 64 billion dollars (about 665 billion yen). Financial Stocks hit the first time in six weeks highs. TD Ameritrade and the company’s largest shareholder, has agreed to buy the US online brokerage firm Scottrade Financial Services.

According to the Bloomberg summarized data, M & A although is accelerating, the average premium for the fourth quarter and 28%, and has a low level for the first time in two years.

Robert · W · Baird of institutional investors responsible for equity sales trader, is “the customer is Mr. Michael Antonelli because it means that is. Companies that want to announcement of M & A are still optimistic about the future he said. ”

operations personnel of Federated Investors, said Steve Kiabaron, although the growth of the growth is not even, is from that cash reserves are abundant in many of the company, to satisfy the investor capital increase and it pointed out that the method towards the acquisition is compelling than move to infrastructure investment. He said, “as long as when the stock price is in the vicinity of the highest value is its incremental value of the share buy-there is a need to think about. Thoughtful in sensible M & A, as uses for cash is a good way than expanding share buybacks.” It was.

Examples of the other individual stocks, increased T-Mobile is 9.5%, 9-year highs. The company’s profit was higher than expected. Although Hilton Worldwide Holdings was temporary rise 3.7%, sluggish. Chinese Umiko population (HNA Group) acquires shares about 25 percent of the Hilton from Blackstone Group at about 65 billion.
Original title: Stocks Advance Amid Takeover Deals, Earnings; Treasuries Decline (excerpt)
Stock Bulls Look Past Lower Premiums and Stay Sold on Dealmaking (excerpt)

◎ US Treasury: fall, a high-level first time in a year in the PMI statistics – intensified this year interest rate hike

of 24 days rice government bonds fell. US manufacturing sector purchasing managers’ index of the morning announced October (PMI) is a high-level rises since 2015, has increased year interest rate hike in the United States. Yield curve was steepening of the four days the first time.

MUFG Securities America of senior US Treasury trader, Mr. Thomas Ross (New York Zaikin) stated that “PMI statistics were slightly better than expected”, “It’s bright signs. Wants a revival of manufacturing industry are out. market participants continued with “are even more convinced of the interest rate hike in December by the US authorities.

According to the futures market trend, traders have priced in a rate hike probability of up to 12 January about 70%. A week ago was 66 percent. The probability that expected to raise interest rates determined by the Federal Open Market Committee next week (FOMC) has become 19%. St. Louis Fed Bullard President, on that suggested that the most likely of the December rate hike, the United States is of interest was said will remain at extremely low levels for several years.

According to the Bloomberg Bond Trader, New York time of 5:00 pm, 10-year bond yield is the business day immediately prior ratio of 3 basis points (bp, 1bp = 0.01%) 1.76% of the rise. The same year bonds (coupon rate of 1.5%, August 2026 redemption) price of 97 20/32.

yield gap of five-year bonds and 30-year bonds was a steepening of about 1.24 points.
Original title: Treasuries Fall as Manufacturing Gauge Climbs to One-Year High (excerpt)

◎ NY gold: decline, silver is for industrial demand for two weeks the first time high at the prospect improvement

silver futures rose in New York precious metals market of 24 days, became a high of about the first time in two weeks. European manufacturing indicators suggest the recovery of the regional economy, the demand outlook for the industrial metal has become bright.

senior market strategist at RJO Futures (Chicago), Phil stripe Bull in a telephone interview, pointed out that “signs of vitality in the European manufacturing industry, can be a turning point for the euro area economy.” He said, “metals such as silver might aspect somewhat begins to rise.”

silver futures for December delivery of the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) is completed in one ounce $ 17.604 before the weekend 0.6 percent. Temporarily gave the highest since 5 days at the base medium and $ 17.89, day.

gold futures December contract ounce $ 1,263.70 of 0.3 percent weaker.

platinum and palladium of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose.
Original title: Silver Rises to Two-Week High in Bet on Improved Industry Demand (excerpt)

◎ NY crude oil: pullback, Iraq seek exemption from the reduced production target

24 days West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures pullback in New York crude oil futures market. Since the oil-producing countries Iraq of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) second largest asked for exemption of production reduction, final agreement of the production cuts are in doubt, selling became dominant.

senior analyst at Tradition Energy (Stamford, Conn.), Mr. Jean Makugirian is “Iraq is peppered further Hiyamizu to OPEC’s agreement. Until the next month of the meeting will be held, the news led market deployment of would continue. momentum reversal of signs and global oversupply signs are heading to eliminate said that still do not see. ”

New York Mercantile Exchange WTI futures December contract before business day by 33 cents (0.7%) of (NYMEX) cheap 1 barrel = 50.52 ending at $. London ICE of the North Sea Brent crude oil for December delivery 32 cents (0.6%) depreciation of $ 51.46.
Original title: Oil Declines as Iraq Seeks Exemption From OPEC Production Curbs (excerpt)

◎ European lines: nearly unchanged – to defensive stocks selling, banking stocks is high

of 24 days European stock market is little changed. Although bank stocks were up, defensive stocks drew selling in late. ‘19459003 –

8 – Dutch became a 14% increase in the September quarter Royal Philips rose 4.2 percent. Banks such as Spain of Bankier and Caixa bank is buying has raised the largest in the industry index that make up the STOXX Europe 600 index. On the other hand, food stock to center the Nestle of Switzerland was to lower the value. Health care shares also generally cheaper, the British AstraZeneca is lowered significantly.

Stoxx 600 index ending at 344.26 down before weekend ratio of less than 0.1 percent. The tailwind that morning announced the euro area overall Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) was recorded a year-to-date of the highest, the index has become a temporary 0.8% high.

trader of Lucerne State Bank (Switzerland), Mr. Benno-Garika is, “in response to a good start, came out the movement of profits before the close of trading,” and, “defensive stocks such as Nestle There was poor little performance than more expensive stocks are, can be a good week in the closing surface, “he said.

became IBEX35 index of Spain’s 1.3 percent, and the rate of increase top spot in the main stock index of the Western European market. The leadership of the largest opposition party, Shakairodoto decided consecutive pitching acceptance of Rahoi prime minister, led by the ruling Kuomintang.
Original title: Europe Shares Little Changed as Defensive Selloff Offsets Data (excerpt)

◎ European bonds: Spanish government bonds rose, politics and economy Spanish government bonds in the European bond market, an increase of demand in the risk recession

24 days over has risen along with the Portuguese government bonds. In the background that the risk over the politics and economy is retracted, the growing demand for both government bonds.

yield plus the width to the German bonds of 10-year bonds Spain (spread) is shrinking for the first time in five business days. Up to the leadership of the opposition Shakairodoto 23 days, matching that clues in the acceptance of Rahoi regime established by the ruling Kuomintang. 10-year bond yield Portugal was reduced to a low level the first time in six weeks. Rating agency DBRS has deferred the country’s rating to investment grade, has been continued good feeling that was only in the target stock of asset purchase program of the European Central Bank (ECB).

French 10-year bond yields temporary, low-level first time in three weeks. S & P Global Ratings vinegar raised the country’s rating outlook from “negative” to “stable”. Downside risk of pointing out the country’s economy two years ago was listed on the grounds that that was not a reality.

Credit Agricole CIB interest rate strategist, Mr. Orlando Green “toward the end of last week, some of the risk has been noted,” (London Zaikin) is on that he said, “But, France rating in addition to the risk that abated, Portugal rating review of DBRS, which has been important has become stationary. This is said to boost the spread reduction of sovereign debt “.

London time 4:00 pm 5 minutes now, Spain 10-year bond yield is the day before ratio of 2 basis points (bp, 1bp = 0.01%) 1.10% of the decline. Temporarily it was lowered to 1.05% for the first time since 12 days. The government bond (coupon rate of 1.3%, 2026 10 May redemption) price 0.16 up 101.90.

10-year bond yields in Germany is 2bp rise to 0.03%. Spread of the Spanish debt became a 107bp. 21 days had reached 111bp of the maximum September 2 days later.

10-year bond yield is 4bp down 3.15% Portugal. There was also the scene to reach 3.02 percent, the lowest level since September 8. After the French 10-year bond yield was lowered to 0.25% which is low since this month four days, was 0.30% in the previous weekend ratio 1bp rise.
Original title: Spanish Bonds Advance as Political, Economic Risks Diminish (excerpt)

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