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Nikkei sell circle put 23,000 yen level of the average of about 26 years predominantly

Nikkei sell circle put 23,000 yen level of the average of about 26 years predominantly

9 November 2017 | 3:13 am

In yesterday’s overseas time, taking over the flow potential of the one-year postponement was growing dollar selling was reported in the US corporate tax cuts in the morning Tokyo time, but dollar yen was also a scene that interrupt the mid-113 yen level , dollar yen has been repurchased a growing yen selling from the fact that the US long-term interest rates rebounded. The Tokyo time today was preceded by the yen selling from that was put on the 23,000 yen level in the Nikkei first time in average is about 26 years. Yesterday of overseas markets European time, European stock becomes yen buying is dominant because it was the expansion to fall immediately but approaching what was higher, the dollar the yen to yen 113.50, Euro-yen fell to yen 131.60. During this period pound was also fell, euro-dollar was followed by a modest price movements in the vicinity of 1.1600. NY time the beginning, there was no special new material, but the dollar circle involving a stop-loss up to around ¥ 113.40, has expanded its decline to around Euro yen 131.40 yen. While pound of decline continues, the euro-dollar was down slightly the center of the struggle in the vicinity of 1.1590. Then NY time the US long-term interest rates ahead of the tender 10-year bonds in the afternoon becomes the dominant yen selling and begins to rise, the dollar the yen to yen 113.70, Euro-yen has rebounded to around ¥ 131.90. Followed by yen selling from the fact that once again the US long-term interest rates after the 10-year bonds the bid of the NY afternoon rises, dollar the yen to around 113.90 yen, euro-yen has expanded the rise to yen 132.00. Entered the Tokyo time, the dollar yen from the fact that average was put on the 23,000 yen level in 25 years and 10 months the first time to rise Nikkei has recovered the 114 yen level. FOMC rate hike weaving degree before the end of the year of FF interest rate futures market is unchanged at 100%, the second rate hike in June 2018 has been slightly rebound to about 66%. Scheduled for today The overseas time of today’s Germany, September current account / trade balance, the United States and new jobless claims announcement has been scheduled. Future prospect The Nikkei average, today has recovered the 23,000 yen level in morning trading to 25 years and 10 months the first time. While the market in the bubble, there is also a view that, there is also view that than being late to buy, including institutional investors, also have a good chance that this remains rise followed. Dollar yen exchange rate has become weak correlation between this place Nikkei average, but the decline of the concern and the US long-term interest rates of geopolitical risk surrounding North Korea is believed to have become weigh. While geopolitical risks would not be completely eliminated, in that it has run out of temporary tension, stop lowering of the US long-term interest rates yesterday, expected if repel the future, the dollar yen is aiming for 115 yen I can do it. Find the buying opportunity of the dollar yen US dollar-buying position of 114.00 yen made on Monday was cut loss once in yen 113.50, but we aim to bargain-hunting in the vicinity again ¥ 113.70. Loss cut line if you can position, you have a yen 113.20. Yasunori Takano
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