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Nikkei "milestone want to remember" the future of the average stock price list

Nikkei "milestone want to remember" the future of the average stock price list

11 November 2017 | 1:30 am

Nikkei average is November 7, it exceeded 22,666 yen. It levels the market participants had been noted as a very important milestone on the chart. Because it returns high after the collapse of the bubble economy was attached to the June 26, 1996. Also we view that a symbol of deflation demise are coming out. Stock market price is formed while aware of the important milestone of the chart. Let us organize a good milestone better to remember. Japanese stocks turn around to the bottom of the September 8 It has changed the trend of North Korea peninsula Japanese stocks, which was followed by a downside groping in the geopolitical risk of was September 8. Nikkei average began largely reversed in the bottom of the 107 yen 33 sen to 19,239 yen sudden rebound in the bottom of the, dollar yen the same day. North Korea had increased coverage is there tension to be moving the missiles in the country towards the Independence Day September 9, but did not cause any threat behavior. The day before September 8 is the bottom Nikkei average also dollar yen was also suddenly rebound. North Korea has fired a missile that passes through the over Japan in began to return market was hardly material seen on September 15. After that, not a threatening act. World economy is booming. Japan’s economy is also less what feeling there is in the second of economic expansion after World War II more than Izanagikeiki. Nominal GDP is the best and become the past by far the bubble period, the Corporate Statistics ordinary income rate of Japanese companies has reached a record high by far the bubble period. Financial results of the 17 July-September quarter of the current announcement in even the majority are better than expected. The Japanese economy, the fundamentals manner even at the micro as well macro had become an attractive level. The Nikkei average in the 23,000 yen level 25 years 10 months the first time By geopolitical risk began to settle down, global equity markets began to increase in the risk on. The United States, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea, in which Taiwan is to update the past maximum value, fundamentals become strong late sense of strong Japanese stocks, foreign investors investors began to put the buying Japanese stocks. Foreign investors had been net selling of Japanese stocks in 9 consecutive weeks until September 3 weeks, but was changed to clearly buy stance September 4 weeks later. They were net buyers a total of 2 trillion 487.1 billion yen in six consecutive weeks. More than 2 trillion 253.3 billion yen of 6 consecutive weeks at the time of playing cards rally last November to December, 4 trillion 699.6 billion yen of additional monetary easing advanced depreciation of the yen in 13 years from 10 to 12 October 10 weeks of continuous Bank of Japan It has become since significant net buying. Overseas investors buying led the rise in Japanese stocks, the Nikkei average was recorded a 16 Rento to be a history up until October 2 to 24 days. It has been raised to pay various important milestone, up from September 8 to November 9 highs reached ¥ 4142 . In particular, high 22,666 yen of 96-year June 26 was a turning point that has been emphasized as a high price after the collapse of the bubble economy. In Japan, the bubble has entered the cycle called from around 1991 to the collapse of deflation color becomes stronger “lost 20 years” and the like. Bank of Japan that has a 2% inflation rate target is because you want to completely escape from deflation. High update after the collapse of the bubble economy, it would be likely to suggest deflation demise. Important milestone on the chart, but also to the upside resistance line, in the case of missing often it becomes one step high to check the strength of the momentum. The Nikkei average 20,000 November 7, which passes through the yen 2666, soared to 20,953 yen high of accelerating up and unceremoniously passing to 10 o’clock that day. Milestone even at the time of adjustment in the opposite is often also a guideline to stop lowering. Remember who had been’ll keep in mind a good Nikkei average of the milestone. An important milestone list of previously want Nikkei average to remember 38957 yen: intraday all-time high 38,915 yen: closing price-based all-time high 30000 yen: psychological resistance line 28314 yen: back two-thirds from record highs £ 27,146: 91 years of return high after the collapse of the bubble economy 25,000 yen: psychological resistance line ¥ 24144: Nikkei average expected PER16 times 23,382 yen: 17-year intraday highs 22,985 yen: back half of the lowering of from record highs 22,937 yen: 17-year closing price based high ¥ 22750: intraday return high after the collapse of the bubble economy ¥ 22666: closing prices return high after the collapse of the bubble economy ¥ 22635: Nikkei average expected PER15 times ¥ 21126: Nikkei average expected PER14 times ¥ 20952: 15-year high 20000 yen: psychological resistance line 19114 yen 16 the end of the year 18,909 yen 16 year-end Kazuo Hirata Keio University after graduation, small-cap analyst of Japanese stocks in the international part of the securities company, worked as a derivatives trader. 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