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Local confection Special ② ~ long-established venture soul of common sense breaking the pastry shop challenge Sodanyaku Kikyoya, Makotoosamu Nakamaru that can matrix

Local confection Special ② ~ long-established venture soul of common sense breaking the pastry shop challenge Sodanyaku Kikyoya, Makotoosamu Nakamaru that can matrix

18 October 2017 | 9:00 pm

National No.1 Local confectionery-popular stuffed all-you-can can matrix & factory tours And Torisoro’ a souvenir of all over the country in the “countries your local Plaza” in the basement of Tokyo Station. “Bellflower Shingen rice cake” of Yamanashi sales number one of this store has entered the drawstring bag. It super-long seller that passed 50 years since its release. The flour to rice cake dusted plenty to eat over the signature of black honey, rustic sweets. JR But “souvenir Grand Prix 2017” in the East, won the gold medal of the beautifully candy department. Kikyoya are making the popularity of the candy is in the Fuefuki, Yamanashi Prefecture. 5:30 am. One after another gathered people in the headquarters and factory of Kikyoya, had been able to large matrix. We’re looking stuffed Unlimited “Shingenmochi”. It has become a popular event for tourists. Too because the number is large, to distribute the tickets. This day has been prepared 220 servings, lost in just 10 minutes. Participation fee is only 220 yen all-you-can-packed in plastic bags. Cheapness of the secret, the expiration date is because it until this day. Kikyoya of factory attractions of one of the best Yamanashi. Year 1.6 million people that is coming. Popular factory tours. Since the 365 days of a week, it is possible to visit even when carried out. From the second floor of the factory you can see all the manufacturing process of the “bellflower Shingen rice cake”. First rice cake making as a base. A blend of rice cake flour 3 types of domestic, steamed in the custom-built machine. Steamed rice cake is laid down overnight, and cut while stretched thin what became a moderate hardness, go rounding. Three each in a container, put plenty of flour of special made from domestic soybeans. Kinako 400 kilometers’m so used to one day. Crowded press tightly and flour in the lid, set the container containing the black honey on it. Factory biggest attractions is’re packaging operation. Has signed quickly hand a wrapping cloth of vinyl. According to the Kana Naito of packaging history 13 years, “but I just normally has a square knot, so as not to waste motion” or. 120,000 finishing of “bellflower Shingen rice cake” made in one day, it has been carried out in the hands of all people. When you exit the course of the factory tour, a space that can be challenge to its “packaging”. Packaging experience 390 yen. It wrapped minute become souvenirs. The factory in the grounds there is also a candy outlet stores. Here is selling the “bellflower Shingen rice cake” was imminent expiration date. And 332 yen in four, usually of the half. Such as Hajikko only and roll cake rice cake also “bellflower Shingen rice cake” to another, are selling cheap candy out of the standard. It continues to challenge – the evolution of the long-established Japanese confectionery maker “bellflower Shingen mochi” © TV TOKYO “Nothing there related to the Shingen Takeda. Just Ayaka’ from ancient times to Shingen Takeda public to admire the Yamanashi prefectural” the bellflower Shingen rice cake “We had to put a name,” said, “bellflower Shingen rice cake creator of “, in Kikyoya fourth generation, but Counsel of Makotoosamu Nakamaru . There is Kikyoya head office in the city’s residential area Kofu. Before founding from now about 130 years, 1889 years of the Meiji era. Traditional sweets are lined up in the over-the-counter. Shop in the back is has become the factory, are handmade daily. From gifts to the usual snacks, sweets of Kikyoya has been loved by local people. Yamanashi-born “bellflower Shingen rice cake” is now nationwide popular products. And now, “bellflower Shingen rice cake” series has come out one after another. For example, released in 2011, “bellflower Shingen raw pudding” . Taste over the black honey to Japanese-style pudding of flour taste. Also sell 30,000 a day, it hit commodity second only to “bellflower Shingen rice cake”. Besides, to roll cake containing the rice cake of compromise between East and West “bellflower Shingen Mochisei roll” , black honey-filled ice cream “bellflower Shingen mochi ice” , etc., etc.. The latest work is “bellflower Shingen rice cake gong” . That contains the rice cake kneaded the Anko and flour during. Series is to increase the number to suit the tastes and age of the customer, but also made 13 types now. In addition Kikyoya is to expand the business beyond the framework of the sweets shop. Run a popular Italian restaurant in the healthy menu. The theme park of “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”, operated until the spa facilities and hotels. Furthermore, it has advanced to the agriculture. Now Group company spans to 12 companies, 930 people in the entire employees. Sales also soaring, has reached annual sales of 9.3 billion yen. “Delicious, fun, beautiful thing, and If you was to be health-related, try to have interested even in the flame. New correct might come out the eyes of the business in it,” said Nakamaru says. Resurrected drama – “bellflower Shingen rice cake” birth secret story from the bankruptcy crisis Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture in August. In accordance with the customary practice of the Bon Festival, also in Nakamaru home greet the spirits of ancestors burn the “Mukaebi”. Terue Nakamaru president at his wife, and includes what is in Obon. It took rice cakes of flour. He says, “since I was a child, Obon has been offering a rice cake with kinako”. Speaking of rice cake with kinako Shizuoka born. It is common to Serve in one dish the two types of flour cake and Ankoromochi but, from the old days in Yamanashi, put a black honey cake was sprinkled with flour. Souvenir representative of Yamanashi confectionery, customs of such Obon had become hint. Since its inception in the middle of the Meiji era, was a sweets shop of reputation in the local Kikyoya. Nakamaru 1949, was born as the fourth generation, I was helping the sweets development from childhood. But the 1960s, and begins high economic growth, diet westernization. Came a pastry boom, sweets begins to decline. “At that time, my father is had said that the economy is bad, considering now actually” cake “was bad. Considerable management was painful” Sales While the fall, parents at the end of the year is, even appearance to ask you to get stretched out payments to traders. At the time, Nakamaru was a high school student was attacked by anxiety. “And please wait for payment, when looking at the parent to lower the head, I remember that I thought the bad in this state to a child-centered” Nakamaru while the exam study, father, Kozo, along with the mother, Sakae, kept thinking how can rebuild the shop After doing. Bon Festival at the time of high school three years. Nakamaru seen a rice cake with kinako which had been offering to the altar was thought, “I think we will miyagegashi”. And immediately to talk to parents, and “has been found, that of rice cake Leave it to the eagle” , “do not you black honey is placed in a container of soy sauce that comes with your lunch?” , story I went progressed. Thus in 1968, was released three families of thought is jammed “bellflower Shingen rice cake”. Nakamaru is enrolled in Meiji University, majoring in marketing. After graduation, he joined the Kikyoya. And when the 45-year-old, took over the fourth generation president. Nakamaru became president, passed the Meiji University graduate school at 48 years old. We were further deeply study the marketing learned as a student. Publishing to technical books of management on the basis of that knowledge. At the end of this study, Nakamaru is grab the conviction that “not only protect the tradition, going broke, even to go to a new, thing take over the tradition”. Break the aquarium – tradition to the hotel Heidi! Dream of sweets shop The word as expected, Nakamaru is beyond the framework of the sweets shop. Its symbol is it a theme park in the Hokuto the northern part of Yamanashi Prefecture. “Yamanashi Prefectural Flower Park” was originally facility in Yamanashi Prefecture, was made for the flower industry promotion, but had been losing money every year billion units. So Nakamaru raise your hand to the reconstruction, it undertook the operation since 2006, Yamanashi Prefecture. “The building is money’s a good atmosphere at stake, fully taking advantage of felt and not expired. If We become attractive facility if operating in, is why was arbitrarily thought” Nakamaru focusing on building reminiscent of Switzerland, was named there as “Heidi village”. To reproduce the world of “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”, it was reborn in the popular theme park that now year 200,000 people visit. Welcome Heidi is at the entrance. Nakamaru in order to liven up the world of Heidi has also made a new building. It is, Heidi has been living with the grandfather “Ulm home.” The room also in reference to the anime, has been faithfully reproduced, such as furniture and tools. Adjacent to the “Heidi village” is, hotels “Clara Museum”. Here it is also a public hot spring facility was once the deficit. Kikyoya is working on reconstruction. Heidi of the world is also in the Japanese-style room to stay. The sliding doors are drawn village Heidi live. Dinner, of course authentic Swiss cuisine. Us to his own serve came the chef to the table. Switzerland home cooking of “raclette” is, go in skived to warm a lump of cheese, eat entwined such as boiled potatoes. This dish is also appeared in the anime of Heidi. Adult 11,640 yen, yen 4620 elementary school students with a night two meals. But thankfully price Child. Call the customer by to clarify the concept, it was converted from a deficit to a surplus of facilities. Wedding can be in the “Heidi village”. As the year 20 pairs are listed here in the formula. By all means in the green, likely bride is often called. Enjoy packed all-you-can of bellflower Shingen rice cake of the wedding reception. To the director, the venue of full of smiles. Wedding in charge of Kikyoya group, “because the people who are willing and” can be here, “there are many, that’s nice to see a face,” Rumi Nakazawa says. Public, such as in addition to “Heidi village”, Kikyoya the French painter, known for collections of Millet “Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art” and, freshwater fish aquarium “Yamanashi Prefectural Fuji spring water of the village aquarium” in the Oshino village at the foot of Mount Fuji It has also participated in the management of the facility. Nakamaru is why continue to challenge beyond the framework of the sweets shop. “If you are willing to customers that we can, I think that it is considered to be a plus in Yamanashi tourism speaking exaggerated” Venture soul of-sweets shop that you want to contribute to the local Yamanashi © TV TOKYO Vegetable garden in the Fuefuki, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is our own plantation of Kikyoya. Koichiro Kitta of the plantation in charge of working. In employees of Kikyoya group, seven years ago, it has been involved from the start-up of the plantation. “I stayed in the sales department of Kikyoya, but first I was greater better of anxiety, and or I am allowed to go to training outside the prefecture, I think that came out gradually fun” Here originally abandoned farmland. If that does not bear become unlimited rough farmland hometown, it began its playback. Farmers by charter the land also rejoice. In addition Kikyoya, the senior generation also actively employment retired. 34 people are currently enjoying a second life while working. “It is good, to work in nature. To air is also good, then it has also someone to talk to because Some fellow” one of the employees says. Order to have to eat made with farm vegetables, Kikyoya was also made restaurant. Healthy menu reputation to customers of “Italian Tomato Club”. The most popular with lots salad bar vegetables with a good in-house farm. But more are also customers to come this salad just for. This fall, Kikyoya began a new challenge. Even in pastry making of the core business, it began to move to full-fledged collaboration with local farmers. He joined 10 years, is Hiroaki Tsukahara of purchasing in charge, for the new pastry making using the Yamanashi of grapes, around to visit farmers. The Yoshiyuki Uchida grape farmers are making the popular Shine Muscat by being eaten each skin without seeds. Tsukahara to speak with “because it is the first year we believe the purchase of about one ton and a half” in the Uchida. Create a large number of confectionery with local fruit, the first time that even for Kikyoya. Stocking of the grapes of the so-called “translation”. Or small grain, purchase what is missing, by it to the workpiece, of supporting farmers. To juice first place Shine Muscat to skin each mixer. Together mixed with agar was allowed to warm it. Then set the rubber balloon to the machine. There to go filled with liquid. It sweets called “ball jelly”. When I divided, but like a real grapes. Late September, finally started selling. In the center high-speed Shakado store parking area, Tsukahara in charge is going side by side “Shine Muscat jelly” . The label is the character of the “Yamanashi agricultural support crackers”. Whether the thoughts through, customers are going to pick up one after another. “Even in cooperation with local farmers, I would like to boost the Yamanashi of fruit future.” – Ryu Murakami of Editor’s Note ~ Such as the “secret of success”, and I Do I not, think deeply so. Goods nor services, finely diversified, yet things are extra. What kind of products, what to sell, there is no answer in common. Nakamaru said, but are learning deeply the marketing does not emphasis on “market research”. “It’s whether or not you think that he is interesting.” So assert. But “interesting idea” is not lying around somewhere. At the end, which was thought out, from the bottom of consciousness unexpectedly some time, come to mind as foam. Even not a sound word “local small and medium-sized enterprises”, that, Kikyoya is, that image, was renewed. Makotoosamu Nakamaru 1949, Yamanashi Prefecture, was born. 1968, the development and the parents “bellflower Shingen rice cake”. 1972, Meiji University after graduation, he joined Kikyoya. 1995, president. 2010, General Counsel appointed. Broadcast can be viewed on the TV Tokyo business on demand. [Recommended article Cumbria palace of the editing unit] · Thorough champion ~ unknown back side of the Costco of the retail industry that changed Japan of the shopping dissection Costco – from developing countries the brand to be proud of in the world! New business mother house women entrepreneurs challenge – from sushi to unique rice cooker! Innovative delicious rice business Shinmei of rice of professionals – Japan Great Leap Forward in the Miracle! Innovation Strategy of foreign food companies Nesurenihon · Matrix capable of local confection Special ① ~ excitement of confectionery manufacturers gave birth local love and the parent-child bond Hori

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