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Japan's power supply shortfalls? Masayoshi Son Mr. advocated the "Asian Super Grid Initiative" is

Japan's power supply shortfalls? Masayoshi Son Mr. advocated the "Asian Super Grid Initiative" is

7 November 2017 | 8:20 pm

China, Mongolia, India, South Korea, such as a tie in the transmission line Japan, sunlight, supply the renewable energy power by the wind, the Asian super grid initiative began to move toward the realization. In October, SB Energy and the Clean Energy Asia of a wind power plant, a joint venture with the Mongolian investment company has started commercial operation. The time being, but cover the Mongolian domestic demand, in the future, not only the same power plant, supplying power from renewable energy power plants in Asian countries, by the super grid, the power demand surge areas, such as urban areas. If the initiative is to realize, is relaxed imbalance of power supply and demand in the Asian region, are expected to contribute also to the power shortages in Japan. Proposed by Mr. Masayoshi Son of Softbank Asia Super Grid initiative, those that Masayoshi Son, chairman and president of Softbank group was proposed in 2011, at the same time as the widespread use of renewable energy, eliminating Asia inland and urban areas, the electricity demand gap between developed regions and backward areas there is a great purpose to be. Power transmission to, such as Japan makes use of the submarine cable. In the Asian region, while there is the inland desert areas suitable for solar power and wind power generation, in the coastal areas, large cities that are rapidly increasing demand for electric power is concentrated. In China, in the big cities around the coastal areas, the power most of which financed a coal-fired, are causing environmental problems such as air pollution. For this reason, in the country, it is promoting the introduction promotion policy of renewable energy power to reduce coal-fired. Asia Super Grid initiative, such a China policy and was punched Mongolia, India, in order to help them corresponding to the power demand increase of Southeast Asian countries. Although solar and wind power is dependent fluctuation power on weather conditions, the wide-area operational, it is possible to level the variation. This time, clean energy in Asia, which began commercial operation in November 2012, was established in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. The capital of $ 4 million, SB Energy is 49%, and has a Newcom 51% of the stake. As a business, suitable sites selection and development point of natural energy, and the like feasibility study and the development of natural energy for the construction of renewable energy power plants. On the other hand, Newcom of Mongolia investment company, headquartered in Ulaanbaatar, is the infrastructure investment company. Telecommunications business under the umbrella, have met with aviation business, conventional energy business and group companies responsible for such natural energy business. Newcom is a leader in renewable energy development in Mongolia, are building a window for the country’s first business farm . This wind power plant of clean energy in Asia is a good Gobi desert wind Iwan’ya sunshine conditions, was built to take advantage of the 224,000 hectares of land use rights owned by the company. This land, comparable almost to the total area of ​​the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the future, not only the wind power plant, has also been planned construction of solar power plants. International power grid is popular in Europe and the United States According to the Renewable Energy Foundation , the power grid that connects between the countries, as an international power grid in Europe, in the United States it has spread significantly. United Kingdom and continental Europe, the Nordic countries and the European countries are connected by submarine cable. Although not so popular in Asia, the regional, Russia and Mongolia, among others China and Mongolia, the power grid has been installed. Asia Super Grid concept is a construction of the international power grid that connects the Northeast Asia, it aims to take advantage of the natural energy in Asia. In the 2016 report of the International Renewable Energy Agency , the region of over the Gobi from Mongolia is the optimal locations of natural energy, twice the wind and the power generation potential of solar China and the total power demand of Japan greater than that estimated. Asia Super Grid concept, until the realization, power grid construction and of, such as the adjustment of national interests, challenges but often, it is a mistake that seems to take a spur to renewable energy in each country. [Recommended article of the editorial department] – the knowledge of adult skin care to be at the forefront – “Marui is not a department store”, “3 million yen more than Super Mario” ZUU Online8_tsukikijirankingu – Skilled business person does not put the fat on the body, put to work. – Article 5 election want to read in front of the home purchase | correct or residential purchase of up to five times annual income? · NISA account Top Picks, banks and securities recommended Which is?

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