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I think [Japan Ltd. brand focus] simple. Late stocks of strong performance is?

I think [Japan Ltd. brand focus] simple. Late stocks of strong performance is?

23 October 2017 | 8:20 am

The Nikkei average to 15 Rento Nikkei average and 21,658 yen of 200 yen, very high likely is likely to achieve the first-ever 15 Rento at the time of writing this report . The original performance of Japanese companies is very strong, this term has become expected to update the record earnings. In addition, dollar circle of feet is located on the weaker yen level than for 114 yen around and assumed rate of Japanese companies, it has been increasing also revised upward expectations of performance. In this way where the conditions of the rise in the fundamentals surface is well equipped, crossing to the general election dissolution is Prime Minister Abe, victory of the ruling party increased the continued possibility of abenomics in the future is expected. It will say that high stock of the background of the feet. Please refer all means because Takashi Hiroki, chief strategist is noted in the report about the future of the stock price scenarios. In today’s brand focus, “performance and stock prices over the medium to long term link to” going back on the principle that, I would like to introduce the “laggards brand of strong performance” very simple. Specifically, the screening was carried out under the following conditions. Screening conditions of lagging stocks of strong performance – First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange listing – 2016 year-end and the stock prices of the return obtained by comparing the closing price of October 20 is less than the TOPIX Past sales at even three quarters of sales of any year-on-year, operating income and profits compared with the previous fiscal year – sales at the expected sales also year-on-year of the current fiscal year, earnings prospects at the expected operating income year-on-year – forward PER is below the average of TSE Was screened with the above conditions, 18 stocks shown in Table 1 was picked up. YAC Holdings , ABC-Mart , Uni-zone Holdings , Fuji Corporation , SOURCENEXT , Kyoritsu Maintenance , Aichi Corporation , SHINNIHON CORPORATION , Plaisance Corporation , system research , Orix , Hellos , Gakkyusha , Sutazen , Oba , step , Elecom , Nippon BS broadcasting is the 18 stocks of . In particular, the features and performance of the five brands of attention From among the more than 18 stocks, I want to tell the features and performance of the stocks that I have particular interest. ABC-Mart The biggest shoe retail. Sneaker boom to things and price increases is too large paragraph’s sluggish growth was conspicuous impression of the number of customers, but 6 – August was also year-on-year 2.9% of sales in September recovery in existing store sales. View and is in the stocks where there is a market share number one of the strengths stock price there is a possibility of oversold. Uni-zone Holdings Expand the office building in the center of Tokyo. In addition, also opened actively business hotel. 4 – results of the June quarter was also very strong, but viewed as a supply and demand deterioration due to the past of the capital increase has become a major cause of delay in the stock price. In also susceptible stocks benefit of inbound expansion, expected the medium- and long-term share price gains. Kyoritsu Maintenance Operated by the flagship of the dormitories and hotels. Continue vigorously the opening of business hotel and resort hotels. Monthly sales in the steadily expanding and the year-on-year 15 percent increase in the hotel business in August. It is promising even mid- to long-term performance expansion seen as a benefit of inbound expand in the future. Plaisance Corporation Sell ​​the apartment for investment and residential in the Kansai area. Sales force is very high, has continued to steadily expand business performance at a high profit margin. Although there is a high risk business category, whether there charm investment more expensive without feeling in stock prices. Orix Financial services for corporate, real estate, investment, multilateral deployment of various businesses, such as automobile-related businesses. After the collapse of Lehman Brothers also without deficit fall, after the economic recovery is continuing the growth trajectory. Expected PER8 times table, dividend yield is also not expensive feeling a little less than 3% and the valuation surface. Excimer Hiroshi Monex Financial intelligence unit manager [Than Related Links Monex] · Nikkei that I think to the average of the 21 year high · Nikkei attention to the FRB chairman personnel and the ECB Executive Board average Rento record to record an update of the – US banks leading each row of the 3Q Financial Summary and immediate outlook · I want to expect what to 32nd stable government “unpopular policy” – Listed come highs further update likely to brand the is

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