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Forex Dottokomu, first as domestic financial institutions to MR App that utilizes MS Hororenzu

Forex Dottokomu, first as domestic financial institutions to MR App that utilizes MS Hororenzu

28 June 2017 | 6:30 am

Forex Dottokomu is, Microsoft has announced a glass “Hololens ” developed app “Market MR” that take advantage of the . It was developed in collaboration with tropical soft in Japan Microsoft’s partners. On the virtual space that emerges in the lens, exchange rates and charts, and economic news it can be. According to the foreign exchange Dottokomu, Japan’s first as market information browsing tool that uses MR. MR services provided by financial institutions in the world is rare. The two companies are in enthusiastic “either want to be able to be traded.” Content Tokyo 2017 from June 28, beginning at the Tokyo Big Sight, that can be experienced in a joint booth with tropical soft at the tip content Technology Exhibition. The app started offering beta version in the near future Windows Store, will be able to download free. What is the MR not a VR Hororenzu the goggle type of computer equipped with Windows10 the OS. The OS and apps can be controlled with gestures and voice. MR A “Mixed Reality” of it. In general, when the VR , a user but it only is the virtual space of looks, MR is “Mix” shall be deemed to be replaced as a virtual space and real space of both can be seen the features. Foreign exchange Dottokomu and tropical software has been developed “Market MR” is Hororenzu dedicated app. On the virtual space viewed through the lens, you can display foreign exchange rates and charts, and economic news. Foreign exchange rates can be displayed 6 currency pairs, the chart can display up to 20 sheets maximum. Also appeared a person in the hologram, there is also in us ability to teach, such as how to use the service. In the foreign exchange Dottokomu to trade in the market move is “ever-value is usually chart without being bound to the location if wearing a home or office there is a need to be stuck in front of multiple screens and the like. Hororenzu it can be seen and news. Hororenzu although depending on whether the spread how much the future, can not also have traded worry of erroneous operation in. the moment that I think there can be still, or eventually not there is also such a possibility It is set to “. Katsutoshi Mr. Managing Director Qin tropical software, “such as, but device of MR was also so far to several million yen, but very though not was not a price put out a hand. Hororenzu by was born, I think born also ideas that did not come up, we venture such as is room to enter is talking to think big. ” [Recommended article] · 90% of the apartment management company employees! ? The office worker is the strongest reason? – Sagawa Express, the parent company is large-scale projects of more than listing application 300 billion yen · Skin care is a weapon! ? Five Benefits of the business – 1 million yen at 790,000 yen lucrative? The “ultimate” asset surgery operation · Stock beginner Where are opening an account? Net securities ranking

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