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European market summary (24 days) – Reuters

European market summary (24 days) - Reuters

24 October 2016 | 7:34 pm


fell. In addition to intensified selling pressure for the energy stock in the fall of crude oil prices, it was also drops mining stocks related with drops of gold.

commercial giant ITV ( ITV.L ) is 0.5 percent higher. US communications giant AT & T ( TN ) is a media and entertainment Time Warner ( TWX.N ) that announced the acquisition at $ 85.4 billion, similar acquisitions in Europe Ya the merger is expected to or not happen.

Provident Financial in the financial services ( PFG.L ) is 2.8% higher. Goldman Sachs raised its price target. UBS is EasyJet cheap airline raised to “buy” the investment decisions from “neutral” (LCC) ( EZJ.L ) also was 1.4 percent.


STOXX Europe 600 species, traded nearly unchanged. While bank shares will rise continue, pharmaceutical stocks were sold. As a prospect of political vacuum to eliminate has been seen that prolonged, stock prices rose in Spain. The main stock index of the Spanish IBEX .IBEX rose 1.27 percent, wearing a high price for the first time in six months. Shakairodoto of the largest opposition party is, determine the abstention in the vote of confidence to ask the pros and cons of Rahoi prime minister consecutive pitching, led by the Kuomintang. Inaugurated the regime of the Kuomintang center, it has raised expectations of a political space is eliminated spanning 10 months.

STOXX600 kind health care stock index .SXDP 0.74% of the decline. Swiss pharmaceutical company Actelion ( ATLN.S ) was a 3.0% depreciation target price devaluation is anaerobic by the securities company. British AstraZeneca pharmaceutical giant ( AZN.L ) and Swiss Roche ( ROG.S ) were drops of 2.0% and 0.7%, respectively.


Swiss agricultural biotechnology giant Syngenta ( SYNN.S ) is 5.8% weaker. Proceed with Syngenta acquisition China Chemical Group (Chem China) is, that the concessions in order to dispel the concerns of the Antimonopoly Act could not be submitted until the due date has been anaerobic against the regulatory authorities of the European Union.


Portugal government bond yields was suddenly reduced to the level of the first time in six weeks. Spanish government bond yields political space has become expected towards the resolution also over 10 months was also significantly reduced.

rating agency Dominion Bond Rating Services (DBRS) in the rating review of Portugal which was announced after the close of the previous weekend 21 days, rating “BBB (low)”, outlook “stable” the affirmed respectively. DBRS is granted only, the rating of investment grade in Portugal rating major, for departing from the purchase subject to junk grade Portuguese government bonds by the European Central Bank Lowering the (speculative grade) (ECB), decision attention It had been.

This is received by buying peace of mind is spread, 10-year bonds PT10YT = TWEB yield Portugal with a 3.05% of the temporary 15 basis point (bp) decline. Most recently it has returned to 3.15% of the decrease in 4bp.

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