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Daiwa rod tidal current 50-330

Daiwa rod tidal current 50-330

¥ 30,315

supple flexure 5: 5 torso tone. ● Draw a supple and beautiful bend like 1 piece by “V – Joint”, suppress the honey of the gimmick, bend tenaciously when a fish hangs, absorb the pulls and prevent balancing 5: 5 torso condition. A tidal stream that has surprisingly evolved with lightness and operability doubles the fun of fishing. Supplied with slender and supple while adopting “X45” Torque combines control not to be taken by the fish without being blinded Towel handling that is easy to handle and has no blind spot. ● The relationship between the orientation angle of the carbon fiber and the modulus of elasticity is extremely special, and if the angle of the carbon fiber is deviated even by 1 °, the modulus of elasticity decreases greatly. Therefore, considering the performance of the rod, 0 °, 45 °, 90 ° is an ideal structure, and when it is set to an intermediate angle (eg, varies from 60 ° to 75 °) like other X structures, It can be seen from the above graph that the elasticity of “twist” and “tsubure” is lower than “X45”. In addition, considerable weight increase is required to achieve the same power as “X45” at an intermediate angle. “X45” which employs three angles with the highest modulus of elasticity is the scientifically proven optimal structure for anti-twisting. (Changed name from “X torque” to “X45” as a world-wide trademark.) ● V grip sheet · Original shape grip sheet derived from accumulation of long-time rod making unique to Daiwa. We are pursuing a comfortable hold feeling when fitting the reel · fitting to the hand, enabling technical and comfortable rod work. Total length / original diameter (mm): 1.7 / 17.6 [m]: Total length (m): 3.30
Number of cycles (books): 3
Mass (cm): 115

Weight load (No.): 30-100
Carbon content (%): 86

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