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Daiwa Rod Steel SC 6111 M / MHRB Fire Wolf

Daiwa Rod Steel SC 6111 M / MHRB Fire Wolf

¥ 51,651

● Rod to win more than others and shore competition rods appear in Okappari! ● Performing all warming such as down shots from bait finesse, no sinker, Texas Rig around the cover and finesse jig with guard, greatly improves the ability to respond to crankbaits that the Versatile rods that we have been unfavorable. By adopting SVF nanoplus, we realized further high sensitivity and completed using various design methods to increase the response capability from bait Finesse to Jig · Texas, not only wire bait but also crankbait in taper design. Luer weight (oz): 1 / 8-1
Line fl uoro (lb) The total length (m): 2.11
Number of copies (book): 1
luer weight (g): 3.5-28
: 8-20

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