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Daiwa Barriertek Pillow with Float Vest DF – 3502 Mist

Daiwa Barriertek Pillow with Float Vest DF - 3502 Mist

Best barrier tec with superior warmth around the neck to overcome extreme cold conditions Float Vest DF – 3502 Mist with Pillow Material ■ Outer / Nylon 100% (Barrier Tech Breathable windproof process) Lining / Polyester 100% buoyancy material / polyethylene independent foam buoyancy material (buoyancy 7.5 kg / 24 hrs) Length size (approximate): L / 52 cm (size pitch: 4 cm)
It is possible to correspond to a wide range of seasons and situations. The pockets mounted in each place are arranged at the optimum position assuming their usage. The main front pocket is a large capacity pocket with larger gore size than usual. BARRIERTECH floating vest with pillow which has wide response capability, realizes necessary basic functions and sufficient safety and mobility at high level.
● With removable pillow ● Capacity increase of left and right waist, breast pocket ● Large diagonal pocket on both breasts ● Thermohatchback on ● Improves convenience by changing the position of the towel hanger ● PE slice buoyancy material that is light and easily familiar to the body

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