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China's beauty industry, 17 trillion yen or more in the expected Japanese Yen of 1 trillion yuan breakthrough in 2020

China's beauty industry, 17 trillion yen or more in the expected Japanese Yen of 1 trillion yuan breakthrough in 2020

4 November 2017 | 1:00 am

Xinhua financial securities website of “medium card network” has reported on the development of the future of the beauty industry. In Japan, cosmetics 爆買 visit to Japan Chinese tourists No, and I like surgery Korean similar shaping is transmitted. On the other hand, rural Chinese women are also as cosmetic is thin. The actual situation of China’s beauty industry, I wonder really looks like. 2020 industry outlook National Development and Reform Commission and the Kuninegai beauty companies Administration Center, submitted a “national beauty industry development strategy Tadashiga Koyo” which was organized jointly. Over the experts to organize the group 1 year, Guangdong, Zhejiang Province, to investigate the advanced area of ​​the beauty industry, such as Shanghai, was also summarized by reference to the inside and the outside of the developed countries experience, in the blueprint, which portrays the future of the industry is there. According to the Koyo, China already is the world’s largest beauty products producing countries, there is also at the same time in the second of cosmetics consumer in the world. The nationwide beauty salon more than 200 Prices, working population will reach 20 million people. Sales of 600 billion yuan or more, of which manufacturing industry is 300 billion yuan or more. In addition Koyo is about the prospects of 2020, sales of 1 trillion yuan, employment population of 30 million people, listed companies is more than 100 companies, to increase the beauty industry park more than 10 locations. And sales of the leading company will exceed 500 billion yuan, and has said. 10% of the medical beauty market beauty industry Let’s pick up the medical beauty market, including plastic surgery from among them. In 2016 the market size of 600 billion yuan, accounting for 10% of the beauty industry. Medical Beauty begat a new consumption space due to technical progress, widely that was spread to people. Women stretch larger of course men, in 2016 using 850 million people. 39% at 25 to 30 years in age, which is 32% and 70% of the total in this age at 30 to 35 years old. 35-year-old more than 17%, is less than 25 years old was 12 percent. It should be noted that accounted for 74% more than 36 years of age in the United States, but the feeling that the resistance to the extension and aging of youth. However, a high proportion of young people in China, has become a means for gripping the front of the eyes of hope. Market expectations of 2017, a year-on-year of 23% plus 73.8 billion yuan. It extends further every year more than 20%, in 2020 has been estimated at 135.7 billion yuan. A 2.26-fold in four years. Huge growth space Cosmetics consumption level of Chinese people in modern, but higher than the Southeast Asian countries, still low compared to Europe, the United States and developed countries of Japan, South Korea and the like. For example, the consumption amount per capita of cosmetics, 1 of the United States of 10 minutes, only 1 of the 20 minutes of Japan. The way of the beauty industry, has spread a huge growth space. The 1960s, in the 1970s born of women, there was little such as the beauty of the information even if there is time. Most comes in since the 1980s-born woman becomes Employed, this time was out of time. And it serves as one of the young of proceeds. Industry is a lack of attention to this background, the higher the progress of technology, it does not give the consumer confidence. In order that provides a one-stop service, it should be founding a new business categories, and articles are linked. The selling items to Japan on behalf of the buyer reveals Finally from the Chinese for Chinese wealthy who runs the agency purchased in Japan, I asked the “selling”. Panasonic Nanokea hair dryer Refa brand of facial roller Shiseido “Cle de Peau Beaute” brand of cosmetics Paula brand of cosmetics and supplements Supplements and health food FANCL These are already commodity group which has acquired a certain popularity. The new products gain popularity is, how could we tackled. Market space is a bit too wide, but smart advance method should there be sure. The most recent is in dispute with South Korea-based. China and South Korea began to facing to improve relations. Korea-based cosmetics, import tariff by the Korea-China FTA is low. However, Japan is such a much more or less of disadvantage, want to overwhelm the image strategy. Also to small and medium-sized enterprises chances are there should be enough. [Recommended article of the editorial department] – the knowledge of adult skin care to be at the forefront – “Marui is not a department store”, “3 million yen more than Super Mario” ZUU Online8_tsukikijirankingu – Skilled business person does not put the fat on the body, put to work. – Article 5 election want to read in front of the home purchase | correct or residential purchase of up to five times annual income? · NISA account Top Picks, banks and securities recommended Which is?

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