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Amazon Prime, Hulu, joining one in three people in dTV …… 30 generations-40s "paid video distribution service"

Amazon Prime, Hulu, joining one in three people in dTV ...... 30 generations-40s "paid video distribution service"

31 August 2017 | 8:30 pm

Dentsu report of the 30s that using VOD “future tried to think from the original survey of pay video viewing” by and within the past 3 months, 40 generations of users has climbed to nearly 30%, in particular 30 Adult Men Men , women , 40s men , one in three people in the women in their 30s are using the VOD. Also use week 4-6 times in the 30s According to the “Survey on 2016 paid video distribution service utilization trends” of ICT Research Institute Amazon Prime video is proud of the overwhelming popularity and accounted for 45 percent of users. In a recent or call the topic with “documental” of Hitoshi Matsumoto, such as comedy and domestic drama such as “movie version Birigyaru” and “loneliness of gourmet” it was or become popular. Then it occupies 27% of the user is a Hulu. Such as “The Walking Dead” and “courage less than the city of us” and “overprotective of Kahoko,” such as Movie, Movie and domestic drama is popular. The following Gyao, dTV, there is optimism showtime, au video path and the popular channel. NHK of “Japanese and TV Survey” by and in the 30s and 40s in the “it may be interesting towards the online video than TV”, the opinion to say “is a cumbersome seen in the time determined every time even in your favorite program.” 30s, that in 2010 was 40% a little in the 40s, has increased nearly 50 percent and nearly 10% in five years. Further, according to the trends organize online video distribution service of the Consumer Affairs Agency, a subscriber of the 30s to 40 generations accounted for two or three times is nearly 30% people who use a week, week of nearly 25 percent people in their 30s It responded that use to 4-6 times. Use time is when 20% of the subscribers in the 30s is watching in 4-6 hours more than a week. Once it can be seen that the viewing frequently if the subscriber. Will HDD and Blu-ray, such as a further spread and high-performance of the recording device, that habit to watch in like timing in drama, movies, sports, etc. favorite time than television, which can not be viewed only at a fixed time is taking root it would. VOD, in 2021 to 257 billion yen market According to the general Foundation Digital Content Association of Japan world of VOD market is nearly 10% growth in one year, in 2026 has been to reach 108.6 billion US dollars . Japan’s VOD market is the market of 2016 is estimated to be 163 billion yen, topped the first of 150 billion yen. In 2019 exceeded 200 billion, in 2021 is expected to extend up to 257 billion. 70 billion of the survey began in 2010 VOD market expected to reach more than 3 times and from the has become a prospect to achieve a significant growth. VOD market will continue to further expand in the future. [Recommended article of the editorial department] – Why is growth companies whether to focus on relations with shareholders – “Merukari listing” and Nikkei news report, market capitalization of 100 billion yen more than the Unicorn companies · MUFG Digital Accelerator Phase 2 / “The Garage” – 1 million yen at 790,000 yen lucrative? The “ultimate” asset surgery operation · Stock beginner Where are opening an account? Net securities ranking

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